I am a massage therapist and have received literally thousands of body treatments. But Guacira gave me the best reflexology treatment I have ever received. Until then, I had never really understood what the appeal of reflexology was. Her touch was firm yet sensitive, and her energy could be clearly felt working on my body while her hands cleared the tension and stagnation in my feet. I also received an incredibly great watsu from her while I was studying the form at Harbin Hot Springs. The gentleness of her touch, the complete mastery of technique, the comforting energy of her being and her total concentration were inspirational to me as a student. Based on these two outstanding treatments that I got from Guacira, I can recommend that you go and find out for yourself how great she is.
-- MS

In the recent past, I have received massages from professional massage therapist, Guacira Gartner. I found her work to be extremely professional, respectful, and absolutely wonderful! Her massages were the most relaxing experience I have ever felt, and did not want it to end. I would reccomend her to anyone looking for a quality, lenghthy massage.
-- L.M.

I had a very satisfactory water physical therapy session some months ago with Guacira. She was very gentle, reassuring and helpful during the hour session we had in her warm pool at the Spirit In Harmony Center. At the time I was experiencing pain in my right hip; walking was impeded and my fatigue level was heightened. During the session she was able to release the tensions and reduce the pain, so that at the end of the session I felt a great lessening of discomfort. Her professionalism gave me great confidence despite my usual tentativeness in a swimming pool. I highly recommend her work as a water massage therapist.
-- G.C.

No doubt clients will recieve very talented and effective therapy from Spirit In Harmony. I have been the recipient of many massage sessions and am a massage therapist myself and I have to say Guacira has given one of the best massages I have experienced. Her hands are strong and talented so all her services come highly recommended.

Guacira is a fabulous WATSU practitioner. I'd never had WATSU before so didn't know what to expect. The session was the most relaxing thing I've ever done. It was like meditating while being soothingly stretched and swirled through the water. I felt like I was in the womb. Absolutely peaceful, relaxing and serene. I highly recommend Guacira. I will have to try some of her other services. Try it, you're in for a treat!